Who We Recommend!

We are a small hometown business and we support our local businesses. In doing so here are a few recommendations for who to call for your local needs. 

Santa Fe Canoe River Outpost- Located on the beautiful Santa Fe River offering a variety of canoe/kayak tours. www.canoesantaferiver.com 386-454-2050

Marie Cetin Photography - When a picture says so much and means so much more! Call 904-738-9190 or visit www.mariecetin.com

Marie Cetin Insurance - When life happens, insurance will be there. Visit  www.marieallisonconsulting,com or call 904-738-9190

Karma Candles - Local non profit charity supporting no kill animal rescue shelters .Offering Eco friendly fragrant soy candles. Contact 386-454-0001 or info@Karma-candles.com

Marshall & Co. Hair Salon - Brittany Chastain 386-454-3048

I Nails Spa - 386-462-5929